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Address: 312 Morphett Street Adelaide 5000
Mon - Fri : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
08 8212 3574


Self-Managed Super Fund

How can you increase your super’s value? How can you own a happy and comfortable retirement life? Golden Bull Accountants have rich experience in investment, especially in real estate investment area. We will help you to gain high yield from your super, and avoid high administration costs charged by public super funds at the same time.

Golden Bull Accountants provides a wide range of superannuation services including:

•Establishing  Self Managed Super Funds
•Assisting trustees in their roles and responsibilities
•Offering financial statements and tax returns
•Satisfying the regulatory reporting requirements
•Auditing the fund
•Transiting your investment to retirement stage


Paying tax is every taxpayer’s responsibility and obligation, whether you are managing a company or an individual.

We deal with your tax issues basing on your commercial reality and your state of life.

We can assist you in the following taxation services:

•Tax Planning
•Personal Income Tax
•Corporate Income Tax
•Capital Gains Tax
•Goods and Services Tax

business advice
Business Advice

Golden Bull Accountants can offer valuable options and professional advices to their customers and will help to increase operational efficiency and performance. There are some services we can provide:


•Registration of business structures
•Help to change the scope of business
•Setting up business performance indicators
•Building individual and appropriate business strategy
•Providing unique marketing and promotional advice
•Offering unique marketing and promotional advice
•Affording financial management


Golden Bull Accountants provides professional taxation training, superannuation training, bookkeeping training,etc. All kinds of trainings are delivered via variety of flexible sessions, workshops and specialist tax seminars. All kinds of trainings are delivered by highly experienced experts, and supported by comprehensive technical materials.